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Criminal CasesChoosing the best criminal defense attorney in Dubai

January 31, 2023165

Choose the best criminal lawyer in Dubai


It can be very upsetting to find yourself in the middle of a criminal case in the UAE. According to UAE law, every person has a right to a fair trial and the opportunity to defend themselves in court. It is difficult to deal with this trying time on your own, especially if you live abroad. In situations like these, having experienced legal advocates in Dubai on your side is absolutely critical and  crucial.

From the initial police station visit to until the end of court trial, there is a lot of paperwork and formalities involved. Procedures in the UAE can be intimidating and overwhelming for the average person. Having qualified, experienced, and top criminal lawyers in Dubai on your side can be very empowering in circumstances like these.

It is recommended not to cut corners when hiring a criminal defense attorney in Dubai because the criminal cases are extremely precarious which need to be strategically represented by experienced legal experts and ignoring the need of a good legal representation often almost always results in unfavorable verdicts which may constitute huge fines or jail term or a combination of both. A good lawyer with extensive legal experience is ideal because they are more likely to be familiar with local laws, recent amendments, and shall be familiar with the court personnel.

If you are looking forward to hire the best criminal attorneys in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, look for the law firms who come with an extensive team. You can rely on Hessa Al Hammadi Advocates & Legal Consultants as we have a team of reputable, experienced legal experts who have the capacity to help with all tasks right from legal research and drafting, until court filing, conducting the trial and obtaining the final judgment.

What are the benefits of hiring Law Firms in Dubai having an extensive team of experienced Criminal Defense attorneys?

  • Criminal attorneys are specialists: Criminal attorneys in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities in the United Arab Emirates are well-versed in the local legal system. In addition, criminal attorneys receive training to comprehend the criminal justice system. They specialize in looking for flaws and errors in cases and evidence so they can develop potential defense strategies.
  • Understanding the legal process: Legal processes are something that is well understood by top criminal lawyers in Dubai and they have subtle familiarity with the subject. Procedures in the law describe how the court manages cases. A skilled criminal attorney will be able to spot any mistakes made during the court process and refocus your case.
  • Creating effective strategies: The best approaches depend on the prevalent circumstances. The highly experienced and the top criminal defense lawyers assess and examine all the facts and the current situation pertaining to the case to develop effective strategies. Criminal attorneys craft a strong defense after carefully examining their cases to win the case.
  • Reducing severe penalties: Being innocent and wrongly accused does not automatically exempt you from paying a fine or serving a jail sentence. Most of the time, prosecutors are harsh with the alleged defendants. The goal of prosecutors is to punish defendants as severely as possible. A skilled criminal trial attorney is aware of all such strategies and defends their clients from the prosecutor and harsh punishments. They also make sure that you are exonerated of all false accusations.
  • Experienced criminal attorneys take immediate action and minimizes risk: By responding to criminal charges as quickly as you can, your chances of success increase. By hiring one of the best criminal law firms, you can be sure that they will act quickly and work to reduce any risk involved in the case.
  • Damage control: By handling matters on their own, people increase the legal snarl by failing to retain counsel in the initial stages. Once you retain legal counsel, all decisions are made with the lawyer’s input, elevating your case to the same level as the prosecutor.
  • Constant moral support: Although it may seem surprising, hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney will turn out to be a smart financial choice. Even though it might seem a little pricey at first, it has long-term financial advantages. Each criminal case carries the potential for significant fines, court costs, fees associated with jail/bail time, and other ancillary costs. An attorney makes sure you do not miss work days by being aware of all such expenses in advance. Therefore, overall, choosing to hire a defense attorney turns out to be a wise financial move.

Why should You Choose Hessa Al Hammadi Advocates & Legal Consultants to represent you when prosecuted under criminal charges?

Factors that contribute to the popularity of a legal consultancy and advocacy firm like Hessa Al Hammadi Advocates & Legal Consultants include:

  • The firm consistently delivers high-quality legal services, clients will recommend them to others.
  • A positive reputation in the legal community that helps attract new clients and built trust within the client community.
  • The firm has a history of successfully resolving clients’ legal issues, they may be seen as a go-to firm.
  • Their clients are satisfied with the service they receive, they may refer others to the firm or return for future legal needs. It is important to note that a firm’s popularity does not necessarily equate to the best legal representation, so it is crucial to research and compare law firms to find the one that best fits your needs.


We are one of the top law firms in Dubai, besides the fact that Hessa Al Hammadi Advocates & Legal Consultants has a legal team with vast experience in UAE laws who are authorized to represent clients before all authorities and courts in the UAE and litigate in all types of cases, including civil, commercial, and penal cases; company’s cases involving real estate and construction disputes; dissolution and liquidation of companies; disputes arising from supply contracts; labor cases; and cases involving individuals.

The firm also takes care to carefully select their staff and team of legal advisors, our professional staff represents clients before various courts in the United Arab Emirates, including courts of first instance, courts of appeal, and courts of cassation and a host of other arbitration institutions in the UAE

It is recommended that you call the experts to arrange a meeting with our lawyers and advocates. They can assist you with the best criminal defense attorneys in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Visit for more information.



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  • We found this article really helpful in navigating the legal system in Dubai. Choosing the right defense attorney is crucial, and the tips here make the process much easier. Thanks for sharing!

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