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Best Litigation Lawyers in Dubai

Hessa Al Hammadi Advocates & Legal Consultants LLC-SO has a team of  best litigation lawyers in Dubai with varied experiences in managing litigation procedures before all levels of the courts of the United Arab Emirates, Gulf, Egypt, Britain and India in all types of lawsuits. In addition to representing our clients before multiple official government agencies on relevant application on the provisions of the law, especially the Public Prosecution, the Department of Lands and Properties, the Center for Amicable Settlement of Disputes, the Dubai Municipality and as well as various police stations, consequently obtaining legal results that effectively serve the interests of our clients.

Our legal work includes the following specializations:


Due to our awareness and understanding of the criminal laws in the UAE which is of paramount importance while dealing with  criminal cases  we provide our vision and advice since the beginning of the procedures professionally on the basis of our vast experience with accuracy while allocating sufficient time for meetings with our clients and hearing an explanation of the facts and studying documents to formulate aspects of defense. We represent our clients, both individuals or companies, by specialized lawyers before criminal courts of all degrees, police stations and the Public Prosecution to achieve the interests of our clients in various types of criminal cases, especially documentary and financial crimes, crimes related to companies, forgery and electronic crimes.


Our specialized litigation lawyers in Dubai handle civil and commercial disputes from the outset on the basis of transparency and pragmatism including but not limited to interim precautionary/ temporary measures to preserve the rights of the client, as well as representation of clients before civil courts, specialized judicial committees and experts appointed by the competent courts along with following up on procedures as well as implementation of court rulings until the end of the procedures in full and final are completed which result in the clients obtaining their rights.


We specialize in the conduct of arbitration procedures in commercial disputes in all arbitration centers throughout the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Britain and India.


We provide specialized legal advice and opinions for companies of all kinds and on their commercial activities to ensure the continuity of business success without any legal or administrative violations along with the drafting and review of commercial contracts and advising on the statement of legal effects of the terms and conditions in the same, in a realistic legal way. We also represent clients in various commercial issues related to companies and their formation by drafting the articles of association according to the choice of business entity to be formed. This includes structuring the company, articles of incorporation, profits, shares, legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions, unfair competition, financial crimes, liquidation, bankruptcy, and lawsuits arising from supply and service contracts and electronic commerce.


Our team of specialist lawyers in Dubai have a deep understanding of construction and engineering disputes through distinguished experiences in drafting of all kinds of construction contracts, which are characterized by their specificity in drafting and legal application in the trade. Therefore, our clients from major contracting companies and real estate developers in the country have become our partners in our success in the legal sector through their confidence in our business and our legal  opinions, which were directly reflected in the success of their work in the construction, engineering, infrastructure, real estate property, real estate development and real estate management sectors.


Due to the multiplicity of our experiences in personal status issues and lawsuits owing to the application of  various laws that govern personal status issues of the major expat population in the UAE, besides the multiplicity of laws that the disputants resort to including the application of laws of there home country, we provide our legal services right from the start which includes comprehensive advice, legal opinions, defense aspects and judicial claims on the basis of applicable legal rules, including the provisions of Islamic Sharia and personal status laws for Non-Muslims from different nationalities to be able to deal effectively with all kinds of personal status cases related to marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance  and inheritance.


We provide legal advice to individuals and companies in relation to labor disputes and represent our clients including both individuals and companies in labor cases before the state courts of all judicial levels to provide legal defenses on the basis of practical experience in labor lawsuits and the correct application of the provisions of  the Labor Law and its amendments, ministerial decisions and the rulings of different supreme courts.
1704,1702, Al Saqr Business Tower Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

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